Georgina Eye Clinic

GEORGINA Eye Clinic is a specialist eye clinic in Kampala providing comprehensive ophthalmological care and treatments for all eye conditions.

Georgina Eye Clinic has its beginnings in 1965 when Dr John M L Otiti set up practice as an ophthalmologist in downtown Kampala. In 2004, he was joined by Dr Juliet Otiti Sengeri and the practice changed name to Georgina Eye Clinic. Georgina Eye Clinic is therefore one of a few Ugandan-owned ophthalmology/optical practices in the country. The clinic began as a family practice and remains true to its traditions as a family practice. Patient care and well-being always has first consideration at Georgina Eye Clinic. We have treated many of our patients and their families for over 30 years, from one generation to the next, and they have become like family.
Over the years, the clinic has grown and expanded the range of services it offers. The clinic blends traditional ophthalmology with investment in advanced diagnostic and surgical technologies, to provide each patient with the most comprehensive and current treatment options available. We are committed to providing the highest medical care to every patient we treat in a caring and compassionate environment.

Our Values


Ophthalmology is a delicate specialization that requires committed specialist surgeons with a passion for their craft, working with the appropriate technology. We are committed to providing the highest standards of ophthalmological care, through the continuous adoption of latest treatments, technologies and equipment.
In our pursuit of medical and surgical excellence, we support the collaboration and sharing of knowledge and expertise with professional colleagues locally and internationally.

Compassion, Professionalism and Integrity

At Georgina, we put the interest of our patients first, always providing services with compassion and honesty. We maintain the highest degree of ethical and professional standards