Glaucoma is another common eye disease that results in damage to the optic nerve resulting in visual loss and blindness. It is frequently associated with high pressures in the eye. Regular eye examinations are helpful in early identification of glaucoma. Treatment options are determined on an individual case by case basis, and include medication, laser therapy and traditional surgery. At Georgina, we provide the complete range for glaucoma assessment and treatment including laser trabeculoplasty, Ahmed valve placement and the various medical therapies.


Allergies are a common occurrence in our community affecting children in varying degrees. It is important to have allergies controlled adequately in order to avoid complications due to the continued inflammatory response on the delicate eye structures. We have a competent laboratory that identifies possible allergens as well the appropriate range of therapy required for control without side effects that can be dangerous to eye long term.


Cataract is a clouding of the natural lens that is usually caused by degenerative agerelated processes. It may also result from some inflammatory eye diseases and/or trauma. Cataract can affect anyone at any age but is more common in the elderly. At Georgina we employ the latest techniques for all our cataract patients including phacoemulsification and laser surgery, with the full range of intraocular lens implantation choices to suit each individual patient need.

Corneal Disease

Keratoconous is a degenerative corneal disease that results in the thinning of the cornea causing it to deform. In advanced cases, this causes severe astigmatism which cannot be corrected with regular spectacles. Keratoconous is a common disease in the African race especially those with pre-existing ocular allergies. At Georgina, we have much experience in the management of Keratoconous. Georgina Eye Clinic performed the very first corneal transplants in Uganda in 2013. We perform the full range of assessment and intervention required for keratoconous, including corneal topography, hard contact lens (RGP) fitting, collagen cross-linking, INTACS, and corneal transplants. Georgina Sight Initiative, which is the charity arm of Georgina, has organised annual cornea camps providing free surgeries for keratoconous patients since 2013.


Pterygia is common in our environment because of the constant exposure of ultraviolet rays throughout the year. We provide latest techniques both surgical and non-surgical treatment for pterygium including tissue adhesive glue and grafting to avoid recurrence where indicated.

Refractive Error

Georgina Eye Hospital has a well equipped Refraction Unit and Low Vision Center, where clients with vision problems, including low vision, computer user syndrome and other defects, are examined and assessed for corrective glasses or refractive surgery. The Hospital also has an on-site Optical shop where a wide range of glasses, contact lenses, and vision aids are sold.